How to Increase Your Christmas Online Sales by 25%

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Christmas and other holidays are a great way to attract customers' attention to the company's activities and remind themselves of the already formed client base. Indicators in the sales department are constantly striving upwards. In this period, you can increase sales, taking into account up to 25%! For example, sell off or use other marketing tools. What exactly? Today Anastasia Navrskaya - the Head of Sales and PR of Moving Parallels - will tell you about it.



1. Your competitors will remember this


Be persistent, aggressive, self-confident and do not hesitate to tell the audience about yourself! There is nothing bad and scary. Try to use as many channels as you can to announce discounts, gift offers or your special Christmas products. Don't be shy, the world needs to hear from you!



2. Add New Year's mood on the website


Spice up and add New Year's mood in your social networks and on the website. Be creative. Finally, contact the designers to create awesome holiday graphics to attract your customers.



3. Develop exclusive seasonal products


To increase sales, especially if you produce goods - release the New Year's series of your product. Almost everybody needs such goods! Seasonal items can be used as a gift for your partners, sponsors and customers. Try to make the goods from the heart, to stand out from the crowd and give the joy of owning!

4. Update the product matrix based on the requests of your Client


Update the product matrix. Think about what products or services will be in anticipation of Christmas and New Year. 



5. Come up with promotions


Come up with promotions, consider possible discounts, sweepstakes and contests. Our customers and clients can increase their profits. Offer them cross-offers. Try to understand what offers your buyer wants to see.



6. PR, PR, PR


It can be quite a lot of options, so it can be associated with promoting your brand and exclusive offers with:

  • Announcements in social networks
  • Email newsletters
  • Blogs announcements
  • Banner advertising
  • Targeted advertising
  • Contextual advertising
  • Retargeting


7. Order gift certificates for contests and sweepstakes


People like to participate in contests and giveaways. Don’t forget that Christmas is a good time for gifts to your buyers. Certificates can be conducted in online space or in actual offline spaces if your business allows it.

8. Organize free delivery of orders or donate a free online product


Perhaps the delivery organization will say on the net profit. But also there is a high probability that it will increase the loyalty of your customers. And probably also increase the number of “impulsive” buyers inspired with your free product.



9. Make sure you have applied the ideas


Make sure you have applied the maximum number of ideas from the list above. Also think about what else could work, specifically for your business? Any creative ideas can be really great!



10. Prepare for increased demand


In case the results exceed expectations, purchase additional gifts. Hire a new employee for the holiday season to have extra hands in case of a huge increase in orders. Try to be ready for everything.





Well, you are theoretically ready for Christmas and New Year period. And now - to practice!

We wish multiple sales and happy customers!



Anastasia Navrskaya

is the General Manager and Sales Manager of Moving Parallels,interested in horseriding, reading and astrology.

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