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At some point, you come to the stage when you need to choose the best web design company that will create a website for you. Maybe you finally decided to open your own business or you need to redesign your old website. Here comes the question of choosing the best web design company - how can you choose a reliable contractor who will definitely match your taste and fulfill all your wishes perfectly?


Today, Nadia Davis - the Founder of Moving Parallels - will share with you some tips.


1. Understand what your project is and make a list of your requirements for a website design company

  • What services might you need to be done by a website design company you will choose?

  • What results do you want to see in the end?

  • Describe your potential consumer - who is he, how does he live, what is his picture of the world?

  • What are your time limits and budget?

In the future, it saves you and a website design company you will choose a lot of time.


It's much easier and more productive for you both to work together when you know what you want and maybe you even have a few ideas in mind. Otherwise, a website design company will help you to figure out what is better for you and your business.


2. Find examples of designs that inspire you to show for a web development company


For this purpose, you can for sure use Behance, Pinterest or Google. Try to find a style that appeals to you and that, in your opinion, better reflects your business. If you don't have anything in minds, it's totally ok too. Specialists in any web development company can choose for you websites for inspiration.


A web development company will also help you to analyze your competitor's websites.


It's important to consider competitors in your field too if you want to win. A web development company will help you to create a website for your business that's a few levels better than your competition.



3. It's time to start searching for a web design company!


Here Behance (the resource that we have mentioned above) will be very helpful. Since you already know the style that you like, you can use the search on Instagram by hashtags and search for a web design company on Google.


There are also the other proven options of how you can find a great web design company.

As your business partners and business friends, they might know someone. Also freelance website upwork.com can be really helpful. And don't forget to ask on social media, it so powerful nowadays! The perfect web design company that you are looking for can be anywhere.

4. Now look at a website development company's portfolio


In the 21st century, everyone already knows that a website is a company’s face and it makes the first impression of your business. Pay attention if a website development company of your choice update the content and portfolio on their website, do they show their professionalism in the portfolio, do they have experience with clients from your sphere?


Also, pay attention to the style of a website development company.


Does it match your personal taste and vision? Will it work well for your business? It's an important factor in choosing a website development company.




5. Check-in social networks of a website designing company



After you looked at the portfolio of a website designing company and selected a few that you really like, now let's see how active they are on social networks. Are there links to social networks on the site? Are their accounts maintained actively? Are there links to agency owners? Is the account credible, is it alive?


This criterion of filtering a website designing company isn't so important but it's a great advantage when studios have accounts on social media.


You will be able to check what followers comment on their page, is this website designing company is reliable and you can trust it.




6. It's time to contact a web development agency


By the way, how the web development agency communicates with you, you can conclude that you are interested in cooperation. There are just a few answers:

  1. Your letter has remained unanswered - the agency is not active or not interested in cooperation.
  2. Polite refusal - at the moment the agency is overloaded with work or not interested in working specifically with your company
  3. Reply email - the company is interested in cooperation and it's time to start a discussion
  4. Callback - the company is definitely interested in working with you

Use your intuition and inner feelings when you are choosing a web development agency.


You should feel good about the agency. It's a great indicator that you will get along well and finish the project successfully.

7. Negotiation with web design companies


The conclusion of the transaction is similar to the process of marriage. At the stage of discussion of the project, it is very important to discuss all the details in order to avoid unpleasant incidents in the future with web design companies.


For example, if we are talking about a website design done by these web design companies.


How much will it cost and when is the deadline? If you don't like anything, how many free revisions are included in the price? Fix the discussion via email, it will help to avoid possible future misunderstandings with web design companies. What's next?




8. Always in touch with a responsive web design company


Here you have started the project and wait when a specialist from a responsive web design company will send the website for the review! But do not disappear from the horizon. Quite often, additional questions arise in the course of work, so stay in touch with the team, be prepared to provide them with additional information and answer questions.


The process with a responsive web design company will be more productive if you are ready to join it!


And the speed of your revisions is very important too. Try to do it fast not to prolong the timeline of the project with a responsive web design company.

9. And if something goes wrong with a website design agency?!


Do not forget that both you and the website design agency are living people who have a certain perception of the world, taste, and sense of style. Therefore, it is quite possible that in the process of communication there can be a misunderstanding and the designer can do absolutely not what you needed! What to do?!


First of all, calm down. Return to the emails (so that's why we need e-mail), analyze, compare the sent design with the brief that you gave the website design agency.


Feel open, ask the website design agency to change items that do not suit you.


Discuss your dissatisfaction. There is nothing scary or offensive in it; on the contrary, it will be easier for the website design agency to understand your desires and the directions in which you should move. And they will update designs and send you something awesome!




10. We need your opinion! (all website design companies would say)


The design is a creative process, and very rarely an ideal design is created the first time. Do not be afraid to comment on the work of the website design companies, to say what exactly does not suit you.


Avoid common formulations “good”, “bad”, try to be more detailed and specific with website design companies.


Feedback is necessary,  and ideally, it should describe what you like and what you dislike. Never tell only things that you don't like, it gives a wrong impression that you are not satisfied with the whole design and you don't appreciate the work and effort of website design companies.






1. Understand what your project is and create a list of your requirements

2. Find examples of designs that inspire you

3. Searching for companies on Behance, Google, Pinterest

4. Filter studios by their portfolios

5. Check-in social networks

6. Contact a web development agency

7. Discuss all details with the web design company and fix everything via email

8. Always in touch with the team

9. And if something goes wrong, send your detailed revisions

10. Give clear feedback and appreciate agency work

Looking to hire the best web design company? 


Nadia Davis

is CEO of Moving Parallels, brand and web design agency. She is the founder of the company, a blogger, an experienced traveler, and a dreamer.

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