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In this article, we’ll expose hidden Instagram algorithms. A month ago the social network officially described how it’s ranking system works and what content in the feed gets a higher priority. We’ll consider all aspects that affect the priority of your content and justify why this novelty is actually good for business owners.


Let’s start!



1. Interest: The social network knows what content will attract your attention more.


New system analyses previous activity and actions on similar content and you will more likely see photos and videos on a topic you were interested in before. For example, you watch, look, comment or like posts about travelling more often, then such graphics will be higher in Instagram feed than others.


How does it influence your account?


This algorithm allows your potential customers to discover your posts easier in suggested content in Instagram search.




2. Timeliness: New high-quality posts are ranking higher in the feed


The social network is trying to improve the ranking system and it shows you the most recent and, at the same time, relevant photos and videos. That's why it does not plan to come back to chronological feed, it wants to show you recent and, at the same time, relevant photos and videos. Instagram analysts say after implementing a new system, people began to see friends' content more often by 40%.


What does it mean for your business?


New ranking allows you to interact with the most interested part of your followers oftener by posting high-quality content on a regular basis. And therefore it will make your engagement more effective.

3. Relationship: You will see oftener profiles you usually interact with


Instagram analyses your account relationships with other users: who you comment on and who is marked on the photo. Posts of these accounts are published more often.


How to put this algorithm to work for you?


With new algorithm is very important to interact with your followers: ask their opinion, organize surveys and set up more promotions and giveaways where your customers can participate by commenting the promo post and tagging their friends.



4. Frequency: What you see on your Instagram depends on how regularly you use it


The new algorithm will try to display the most interesting content since your last activity. When you open the app only once a day, you’ll see the most relevant posts for that day according to Instagram opinion. When you use the app hourly, it will try to choose the most interesting posts you haven’t yet seen yet.


What does it affect your activity?


It’s better to post new content on a regular basis, ideally 3-7 times per week. It will increase your chance to be seen by your followers who quite rarely open Instagram.



5. Following: Instagram suggests you users similar to the ones you follow


If you follow a lot of random profiles, Instagram will be choosing from a wider scope of users so you will probably see less of any specific user.


How to put this algorithm to work for you?


You should carefully pick people to follow. Ideally, they should be your potential customers, interested in your business field. For example, you have kids clothes online shop. If you follow mostly women or men, who have at least 1 child, Instagram will start suggesting you other parents’ accounts.

6. Hiding images: it's a myth that Instagram can't show any content


Scroll down your feed and you will see absolutely all graphics from those people who you are subscribed to.


What does it mean for your account?


There are no strict rules on what content should you use for Instagram. Just be creative and original, your followers will appreciate it.



7. Stories and IGTV don't improve your profile engagement


The social network doesn't increase your account visibility if you publish more live videos or stories.


How to make it work for you?


If you prefer to use Stories and IGTV, then just continue doing it. But if your social media activity consists mostly of posts and they are original and interesting, this is a good strategy as well.



8. A video does not always receive more coverage than a photo


If a person never includes a video, then the algorithm remembers this and starts showing him the video in the feed less often.


What does it mean for your business?


You don’t need to include as many videos as you can to your Instagram profile hunting for better audience engagement.

9. Business Profile: The program does not decrease business account insights


Presence of commercial accounts is reduced only because of increased competition. The social network motivates to make better content and work on the involvement of followers.


Personal or Business Profile?


For commercial purposes is better to use Business profile. You will have more account statistics and channels of communication with your audience.



10. Branding: Posting appealing graphics in the same style and feel


It was not one time proved that beautiful eye-catching graphics attract more attention from the audience.


How to create your branding style for Instagram?


If you want to promote your business with amazing pictures, you can use branding templates for social media. Photoshop is a great tool that allows you to customize graphics so that your Instagram profile will look professional and stylish. Here are some examples of such packs:


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