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When you start a business, it feels like a nightmare... You need to resolve some issues connected to accounting, law, create some kind of marketing plan and then you need to make your product or service attractive for your potential customer. Fortunately, now more and more entrepreneurs understand the necessity of graphic and web design for success. 


So let’s get started!

If you have not thought about branding yet, this article is for you!



Start-Up expectations


For some people, design is about colours, letters, some nice pictures and that is it. It is not true. That is the way to connect with your target audience, represent your product in the best way and grow your establishment on the market. When you can find the middle way between start-up expectations and really great design decision, that is the deal.


But let's come closer to the definition of Design…What is that about? Nice logo? A website used with WordPress? We believe, it is much more, than that. It is state of mind, your attitude to the problem, that is the way you are going to stand out of your competitors.


You need graphic and web designers. That is the fact. You can realize it or still do not. You need them anyway. The design is the face of your company online and offline. We talked to some startuppers and figured out, what do they consider as the most important qualities of design for Start-up.

1. Idea


First of all, an idea is the key, people want something unusual, great and impressive. You need to show, why are you better, than others. Also, you need to describe your work plan in details, modern entrepreneurs hate conversations without any practical base.



2. Vision


What is your vision of the company? Do you have any visible perspective? Any options of expansion in future? Write down everything you want to achieve in the nearest and longest future.



3. Value


User value is also considered an important part of the design for a start-up. You need to realize, that consumers nowadays need to have a very strong emotional and psychological connection with the product they buy. Think about what value does this product bring to the life of the potential client and make everything to make it attractive to him/her. People should trust your product.



4. Beauty


What is about product aesthetic quality? The product should be not only useful but beautiful, it makes people happier.

5. Understandability


Is your product understandable? Or people should google what is it for and how to use? When you launch something new, you need to make sure your product speaks to the customer itself.



6. Usability


Don’t make it too difficult, too artistic or too decorative. Your product needs to fit your customer's life, it should match with their form of self-expression. Even if it is beautiful, it shouldn’t lose its main purpose and functions.



7. Honesty


Design should be honest to the customer. It shouldn’t lie and tell something that’s not true.



8. Timeliness


It should be capable to live in long perspective until you launch a short brand. It should not become old-fashioned in a few years.



If we talk about start-ups in general, we can tell that it is better to focus your attention on essentials, not jump into too many details, cause you are going to need revisions as fast as time passes.


What next?

Now, we hope, everything became more understandable and you can start branding of your project. In the next article, we will talk about exact elements of branding for Start-up.

Nadia Davis

is the Founder and CEO of Moving Parallels. She is a Creative Director, a graphic designer, a blogger, an experienced traveller and a dreamer.

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