6 Businesses That Is Hard to Build Online and Be Location Independent

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Unfortunately, there are some jobs, you can hardly do online. There are some reasons for that - you need to meet your clients face to face, you need to attend conferences and events or you need to be informed of what is happening in the market.


Businesses that is hard to do online:


1. Customer Service 


Customer service requires your permanent presence and information about the company and goods, you can not get online. It is better to choose a different sphere of competence if you want to work and travel.



2. Brick & Mortar Sales


Definition of brick and mortar shows itself its kind of hard to do online. In the same time there is some good news. The world is going ahead and it is easy to do all the sales online. By the way, you can even do IP telephone and call your potential customers from every point of the world if the Internet connection is good.



3. High-Paid Consultancy


It is a controversial statement, but we are sure if you are a high paid professional, you should present in your client’s office. Good news is that all Consultants do a lot of traveling and you can combine both options, for example if you live in Bali, you can do your job in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, there are no borders for those who dare!

4. Law


There are a lot of restrictions in this field. You can do some consultations online, but for lawyers it is always better face to face. If you work with trials and prisons, you cannot travel for sure.



5. Financial Advising 


Same story as lawyers. Your clients should trust you and the only way to build trust is a personal meeting. It’s still possible to combine some business trips and work, of course. But it’s definitely not the field was the work can be online.



6. Accounting


With accounting you are attached to a certain location and like 3 above fields, personal presence is a must. There are some options to build a successful accounting company and travel, but it will take some time. It’s always possible to replace yourself with employees. You also need to know all law updates, have good sales people and a team you will be confident about.​

To sum up, we want to tell there is nothing impossible in life. You need to set your priorities in life and ask a question, what is important for you and how can you achieve that.


Fields we were talking above will not allow you to be 100% online but it doesn’t mean that it’s not possible to combine business and traveling. Everything is achievable! Good luck!

Anastasia Navrskaya

is the General Manager and Sales Manager of Moving Parallels,interested in horseriding, reading and astrology.

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