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At some point, you come to the stage, when you finally decided to open your own business and you need to make it as juicy and attractive as possible for the potential consumer. Or you understand that your business needs include a new marketing campaign and you urgently need rebranding. Here comes the question of choosing a design studio - how can you choose a reliable contractor who will definitely understand your taste and fulfil all your wishes perfectly?

Today, Nadia Davis - the Founder and Head of the Creative team of Moving Parallels - will help you to figure it out.



1. Understand what your project is and make a list of your requirements

  • What services might you need?
  • What results do you want to see in the end?
  • Describe your potential consumer - who is he, how does he live, what is his picture of the world?
  • What are your time and financial limits?


2. Find examples of designs that inspire you


For this purpose, you can confidently use Behance, Pinterest, Google. Try to find a style that appeals to you and that, in your opinion, reflects the face of your business. Let your fantasy relax, do not limit yourself to the choice and follow the call of the heart.



3. It's time to start searching for a contractor!


Here Behance (the resource that we mentioned above) will be very helpful. Since you already know the style that you like, you can use the search on Instagram by hashtags and search for a company on Google.

4. Now look at the site and portfolio


In the 21st century everyone already knows that the site is the first and foremost a company’s face. Pay attention to the fact that the studios of your choice update the content and portfolio on the site, do they show their professionalism in the portfolio, do they have experience with clients from your sphere?



5. Check-in social networks


After you looked at the portfolio of studios and selected a few that delighted you and inspired confidence. Now let's see how active they are on social networks. Are there links to social networks on the site? Are their accounts maintained actively? Are there links to agency owners? Is the account credible, is it alive?


We are sure that after answering all these questions the list of candidates will be reduced almost by half.



6. Reduce the list of applicants


And here you have a list of several agencies that have been tested on all previous points. What now? Intuition! Leave a few agencies that subconsciously cause you a sense of reliability and security.



7. Contact time


And here is a list of correspondence tour winners. It's time to go to the confrontation and get in direct contact. By the way, the agency manifests itself in communication, you can conclude that you are interested in cooperation. There are just a few answers:

  1. Your letter has remained unanswered - the agency is not active or not at all interested in cooperation.
  2. Polite refusal - at the moment the agency is overloaded with work or not interested in working specifically with your company
  3. Reply email - the company is interested in cooperation and it's time to start a discussion
  4. Callback - the company is definitely interested in working with you

8. The circle is narrowing


At this stage, it is important to focus on the impressions of communication with the agency. Do you feel like a Client with a capital letter in this agency or communicate with you with indifference? Are they ready to hear your needs, understand the project and go into details? Does trust have arisen?



9. Negotiation


The conclusion of the transaction is similar to the process of marriage. At the stage of discussion of the project it is very important to discuss all the details in order to avoid unpleasant incidents in the future. For example, if we are talking about a business card or a logo, how many options does the agency provide for you? How much will it cost and when is the deadline? And if you don't like it, how many free edits are included in the price? Similar discussion in writing will help to avoid possible future troubles. Decide on the form of payment and make a prepayment.

What's next?



10. Always In Touch


Here you have transferred the order to the designer and wait when at last he will send the finished product! But do not disappear from the horizon. Quite often, additional questions arise in the course of work, so stay in touch with the team, be prepared to provide them with additional information and answer questions. The process will be much more productive if you are ready to join it!

11. And if something goes wrong?!


Do not forget that both you and the designer are living people who have a certain perception of the world, taste, and sense of style. Therefore, it is quite possible that in the process of communication there can be a misunderstanding and the designer can do absolutely not what you needed! What to do?!


First of all, calm down. Return to the correspondence (so that's why we need e-mail), analyze, compare the sent design with the brief that you gave the designers. Feel open, ask the designer to change items that do not suit you. Discuss your dissatisfaction. There is nothing scary or offensive in it; on the contrary, it will be easier for the designer to understand your desires and the directions in which you should move.



12. We need your opinion!


The design is a creative process, and very rarely an ideal design is created at the first time. Do not be afraid to comment on the work of the designer, to say what exactly does not suit you. Avoid common formulations “good”, “bad”, try to be more detailed and specific.



13. Final


After all your wishes have been taken into account, edits have been made, check again whether the work of the design team suits you by all parameters. Does this correspond to the original idea that you put into the project?

Nadia Davis

is the Founder and CEO of Moving Parallels. She is a Creative Director, a graphic designer, a blogger, an experienced traveller and a dreamer.

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