12 Businesses That Will Make Your Dream of Working and Traveling Come True

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Do you want to travel and earn money online? Want to become a digital nomad? That’s what is called

Today we are going to tell you, which jobs or businesses can be location independent.


Successful online business:


1. Social media 


It can be social media management and social media marketing. There are a lot of people, who don’t know how to make their social media success. Or they just don’t have time for it. You can be the helping hand here, especially if you have talents for writing and you are a very organized person.



2. Online marketing


Not only related to social media but marketing in general. Everyone knows that’s to manage a business successfully you need to keep your marketing active all the time. Sometimes it’s better to trust professionals, which have enough time and experience for that and dedicate your time to other purposes.



3. Writing & editing


If you have passion or experience in the writing field, you can earn money distantly. If you are a good copywriter, you can find lots of clients for sure! Try to use Upwork, People per Hour or other freelance services for finding first clients.

4. Administration


You can be an administrator even if you don’t have any experience. Your Clients will need your skills. You can be an administrator of an online shop or some other organization.



5. Virtual assistance


A virtual assistant is the right hand of an entrepreneur, which still doesn’t have an office. You can have a few Сlients at the same time, but you need to be attentive, know something in copywriting, design and other fields. This job is good for multitasking people.



6. E-commerce


You can also create your own online shop. Maybe you have some special craft talents in this field? Or you want to sell something on Amazon? There are so many opportunities now in this field, just be creative!


7. Creative


Graphic design, web design, UI UX design, mobile app design, so many fields and there is still a great lack of good specialists there. Also if you are an artist, you can sell your paintings or illustrations online or take commercial orders. If you are a photographer, you can sell your photos and presets online. Maybe you can create an online school, where you will teach some simple techniques?

8. Web development


For this job/business you will need some time for education and it can be hard to get your first clients. But it can worth it! You can try to use Upwork for this goal.



9. Influencer (blogger)


Are you desperate to share your ideas with the world, may have a hobby you can’t hide anymore and need to express it to other amateurs? Go for it! Of course, it will get some time to become successful and popular among your target audience, but it can make you happy in perspective and, maybe, bring efficient income.



10. Coach


In general, a coach is someone, who became successful in a certain field and now wants to help other people. It can be business/career coaching, marriage/divorce coaching, fitness coaching and all other types of it. The main idea is that you know a certain field and willing to share!



11. Self-help


You can create DIE video/blogs and make money on it. Or write a book! Why not? Youtube can be also very useful for these field.



12. Yoga-fitness


Can be the same as a coach, but there are more options. It’s not really necessary to coach people personally. You can create videos with pieces of training, write useful materials, inspire, take yoga pictures in front of beautiful sceneries. Travel and organise masterclasses all over the world. Sounds amazing, isn't it?




In the next article we will tell you about businesses that will be hard to do online.

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