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Save this post not to lose! You have just started your business and you desperately need outstanding pictures and videos for your account… But hiring professionals for that still seems expensive and not reasonable.  We have some good news for you – it is not really necessary nowadays! You can use free photo and video stocks. You still have a great choice and pay nothing. Moving Parallels prepared you a little gift for Christmas and made a list of free Photo & Video Stocks.


Pay attention to video content in next blog post – it was trending the whole 2018 and will be still actual in 2019!

Let’s start with photo stocks!


1. Unsplash.com


Let’s just say Unsplash is amazing! No trash content, only pure, good quality images. You can use search tags and literally find everything you want! You can easily use these amazing pictures for your social networks or blog posts. No reference required.


2. Kaboompics.com


Huge photo stock, which was started as a project of the one graphic designer. There you can easily find all kind of lifestyle images – interior shootings, lifestyle images or some interesting subjects. People from all over the world do really love this stock.


3. Pexels.com


Pexel is a precious resource of artistic, high quality, original artworks. The main idea was to help creative people promote themselves and share their creativity in the same place.

4. Jaymantri.com


Quite a big gallery of free images is Jaymantri. Of course, the interface is not so great, but if you put some effort, you will find something interesting and may be rare there too.



5. Sitebuilderreport.com


This resource is good, cause it collects images more than from 30 image stocks. Some of them are free, some of them require payment. Anyway, you will see there more than 20 000 images, the stock gets new every week.



6. Picjumbo.com


Nowadays we can say thank you for Picjumbo to Viktor Hanacek from the Chech Republic. He was an amateur photographer and shared his shots for free. In a few years this project became huge stock, so now people from all over the world can enjoy huge amounts of free images there.



7. Gratisography.com


Authors in Gratisography share their images for free, but you have a chance to buy a coffee for Author just by pressing one single button! It is cute, isn’t? At least, it’s a great opportunity to say thank you for great artistic work!

8. Getrefe.com


The resource which collects shots from photographers from all over the world. There are a lot of lifestyle images – alive, positive, remarkable and easy at the same time! Reference is not required, but authors will be super grateful if you do that.



9. Nos.twnsnd.co


New old stock is a unique service, which collected old pictures from public archives. It’s an amazing resource for some of us, who need vintage images or images from real historical past!



10. Pixabay.com


It is the last one, but not the least PIXABAY! Here you will find more than one million pictures, videos. Unique option of this service is that you have a really convenient and optional search – you can choose colours, size and theme of the image/video.


Please pay attention, that free photo stocks allow using content with no reference. But when you use someone’s content it is always good to double check to avoid problems in future.


Use them and enjoy! :)

Nadia Davis

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