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Don't forget to save useful information! As you remember, in the previous blog post we proposed some free photo stocks you may need for your business, blog, website or social media. We all know, that video content becomes more and more popular every year. In 2017 we did not believe it will become so common, in 2018 we believed in that and now we should integrate videos in our daily life and in our business. So here is the list of video stocks which can be useful for you. Do not forget to comment and like!


1. Coverr.co


In this website you will easily find short video clips, which you can use as animated cover or on your website. You can easily use the search, there are 9 themes, such as Art, Emotions, Technology, People, Architecture, Food.


2. Videos.pexels.com


We mentioned Pexels before as very useful photo stock. But this amazing resource also gives an opportunity to access a huge library of videos. The main idea of Pexels is to help designers, entrepreneurs and artists to develop their business. You can use this library for your social media, presentations or website (by the way, if you need a website, contact us and we will be happy to help).


3. Videvo.net


Videvo exists a few years already and has a reputation for very useful, and, what is important, free video stock. There you will find an incredible amount of videos and animation. You can also download your materials there, creators and users will be very grateful for you.

4. Lifeofvids.com


Video library Life of Vids gets new videos every day. You can use materials for commercial and personal purposes. A really interesting and pleasant feature of this project is that everyone can share content there.



5. Wedistill.io


Wedistill is also a huge library full of videos and animation. In general there are 9 themes, such as People, Nature etc. What is interesting is that you can get subscribed and then get 10 new HD videos every 10 days.



6. Videezy.com


Videezy is convenient and simple for users, we would say, more precise. The quality of the video is usually higher than usual. There are also 12 themes, what is more, then in other video stocks. Hope you enjoy this one!



7. Cutestockfootage.com


Cute Stock Footage is not bad resource too. Nothing special in general but there you will find a huge library of abstract style videos and animation. Check it out, it really worth your attention!

8. Vidsplay.com


Vidsplay is absolutely free video stock, but you should use the link as a reference. So, still not a big deal for this quality and quantity of videos!



9. Beachfrontbroll.com


Beachfront B-Roll is very useful and handy service for free videos and animation. Pleasant bonus – you can download videos just with one click! No headache anymore.



10. Pixabay.com


You remember we mentioned Pixabay? It also has a great collection of HD stock videos! Check it out!


Please pay attention, that free video stocks allow using content with no reference. But when you use someone’s content it is always good to double check to escape problems in future. Do not forget, that even simple video is a piece of art and belongs to someone’s creativity. We are sure, that our Clients know and appreciate it!


Use them and enjoy! :)

Nadia Davis

is the Founder and CEO of Moving Parallels. She is a Creative Director, a graphic designer, a blogger, an experienced traveller and a dreamer.

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