About Us

We live in a huge and incredible era of Entrepreneur Revolution. In times, when the importance and abilities of your business don't depend on the size of your office or amount of employees.


Communication with your clients and customers through the internet became mainly the leading factor of success. In the digital era we build trust by using design materials and a company's reputation do really depends on how visually appealing you pack and present your products.


We are a team of professionals, and we will help you to create high quality selling visual products and stand out of your competitors.

Who are we?


Young expats who made a long way to location independent lifestyle. We used to be tired of city life, packed some stuff and made our way to nowhere. Our philosophy is to move own mental and physical borders, try new opportunities enjoying life at the same time.


Moving Parallels is our conscious choice which we make every day, using everything that life gives to us. We try to be balanced and look from an extraordinary point of view, providing our clients unique product and best service.




Founder of design studio Moving Parallels, lives between Warsaw and Bali.


She has degrees in Finance & Banking and Design & Marketing. Adores self-development and education: passed a few courses in design, business and online marketing.




6 years' experience in Graphic Design. Did branding projects for clients from more than 20 countries, including Australia, UK and USA.


Perfectionist - she believes it's important to do as better as you can. Always after her dreams. Sees people from their best side.


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